We specialize in the preservation, restoration, and repair of historic and contemporary buildings, structures, and monuments made from stone, brick, concrete, marble and other masonry materials.


We offer a full service in relation to masonry conservation from design assist, material testing through to on site services and implementation of cleaning and repairs, including the latest technologies such as colloidal silica repairs and laser cleaning.


The following are some of the services that our company can provide:

  1. Condition assessments: we can conduct a thorough evaluation of the condition of a building or structure, identifying any damage or deterioration. We are using traditional site observation technique in combination with drone imagery and orthoimagery.

  2. Restoration and repair: we can restore or repair masonry structures, including brick and stone walls, chimneys, arches, and other features, using traditional techniques and materials that preserve the historic character and authenticity of the structure.

  3. Cleaning: we can clean atmospheric soiling using laser technology, or other unwanted deposits from masonry surfaces, such as biological growth.

  4. Conservation and maintenance planning: we can develop a comprehensive conservation plan that outlines the scope of work needed to preserve a historic masonry structure, including recommendations for ongoing maintenance and monitoring.

  5. Building archaeology: we can conduct archival research coupled with documentation on historic masonry structures, providing valuable information for future conservation efforts and structure's history.

  6. Historic mortar: we can examine the composition and properties of the mortar used in historic masonry structures, in order to understand its historic significance, deterioration mechanisms, and to inform conservation and restoration efforts, including replacement mortar design.
  7. Collection management: we can effectively manage large heritage asset collections, including assessments, tagging, inventorying. One of the databases we created has over 60.000 items.

Overall, Capital Conservation Services have a deep understanding of traditional masonry techniques, materials, and best practices, and are able to balance the need for preservation with the practical considerations of modern building codes and safety standards. When required, we work collaboratively with architects, engineers, and other professionals to ensure that the conservation work meets the needs and expectations of all stakeholders.